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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine since 1968. We help with arthritis, pains and injuries, infertility, various women’s diseases and difficult health cases. Come and see us today! Walk-ins are welcome!


Hello!  I am Wang, Zhan Zhong of Wang Acupuncture Chinese Medicine. OMD in China. Welcome to my website! I’ve been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 1968. In my practice, I combine my extensive knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine with Western Medicine to treat Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases and other health problems. From my experience, the most effective approach with these diseases is to provide holistic treatment for my patients which includes acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, as well as an Asian massage.During my medical career, I have seen patients with movement difficulties being able to move regularly again and patients with chronic pains completely lose their pain or get it down to a tolerable level. Some of  patients were able to ultimately avoid certain types of surgery.

This patient avoid the surgery!

this patient operation can not help! 


treating paint with acupuncture and herbs 2

“Dear Dr.Wang! Thank you for curing my abdominal pain. Thirty doctors and an operation couldn’t help me, but you alone! You are wonderful!” Nadene S.D.,CA

I have helped infertile couples to have children.

I have also helped to induce growth spurts in teens.

One of my patients came to me with a prostate cancer.  After our treatment sessions, his cancer shrunk and he was able to resume a normal life.

All these stories make my job an amazingly gratifying journey.

If you would like to talk about your current health issues you can start with scheduling an appointment.  I will do my best to help you get your health back into balance.

Wang, ZhanZhong – Chief Physician, Professor, OMD in China

Wang Acupuncture Chinese Medicine  [王针灸中医  – 王针药 ]

Years of Practice: since 1968 to present

Specialties: Acupuncture, TuiNa (Asian Massage), Cupping,  Traditional Chinese Medicine


  1. Rheumatism and Autoimmune Disease.
  2. Some of pains and injuries
  3. Infertility, women’s problems
  4. Some of difficult cases



医生姓名    王占忠    行医自 1968 年  主任医师   教授  OMD in China

专精    针灸  推拿  拔罐  中药

主治 1. 风湿及自身免疫性疾病

2.某些 疼痛损伤

3. 不孕等妇女问题

4. 某些疑难病症

医生简介  1970年毕业于中国黑龙江中医药大学,后于中国哈尔滨医科大学从事临床,教学与科研二十六年。 国内有“优秀中医专家”之称。于美获医学“杰出成就奖”,并有“神针治不孕”及“送子观音”之美誉。


Medical Background and Awards

1. Dr. Wang graduated in 1970 from Heilongjiang University of Chinese medicine in China.

2. Following his graduation, Dr. Wang dedicated 26 years to clinical practice, teaching, and research at the Harbin Medical University in China.At that time ,Prof.Wang’s great teaching skill and experiences earned the Harbin Medical University ” Excellent Teacher “Award.



3. During Dr.Wang’s practice at the Harbin Medical University, his mentor was Professor Zhang Feng Shan, a well-known rheumatologist who pioneered and founded the study of rheumatology in China.

4. Dr.Wang is a member of both the Chinese National Acupuncture Association and the US Chinese Medical Association.

5. He is the co-editor of “Rehabilitation and Healthcare of Rheumatic Disease” and “Clinical Chinese Internal Medicine” .

6.Dr.Wang has authored more than 20 articles in both Chinese and Western medicine .

7. Dr.Wang’s publications were frequently presented and discussed at multiple national and provincial medical conferences in China.

8. Among his literature, “Out Wind Can be Calmed Treatise” was awarded twice ,because it advanced the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.

9. His classification of a complicated rheumatic disease, “The Differentiation and Treatment of 62 cases of Dermatomyositis”, was published in the national authoritative “Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and included in “Precious Complication of Effected Prescriptions of Modern Chinese Medicine.”

10.In 1992—1994, Dr.Wang invented “Ku Bi Powder” and confirmed its effectiveness in treating rheumatoid arthritis through clinical observations.  An international certificate was awarded for his accomplishment at the US Fourth International Conference of Chinese Medicine for Outstanding Doctors.IMG_1121



11. In 1995, Dr.Wang was invited to gave a popular talk on “Rheumatoid arthritis: diagnosis, treatment and prevention” on a radio interview “Health Hotline” produced by Heilongjiang People’s Broadcasting Stati

on in China.

12. In his practice, Dr.Wang sees patients as his friends or relatives. He has treated numerous difficult and complicated cases. He has earned a    reputation of an “Outstanding Specialist” in Chinese medicine when he was in China.IMG_0317new




This certificate shows Dr. Wang, Zhan Zhong among Outstanding Specialists in Chinese Medicine in China.    This certificate was written by the well-known rheumatologist who pioneered and founded the study of Rheumatology in China, The Principal [Professor. Zhang Feng Shan 张凤山]of  Harbin Medical University.

wang acupuncture herbs

Wang acupuncture herbs – San Diego best acupuncture

In addition,”Daily Newspaper” printed an article on Prof.Wang Zhan Zhong “Preeminence Technology” and “Bring the Dying Back to Life”,at the “Therapeutic Center of China Famous Doctor ” in the U.S.IMG_0881

* In Dr.Wang’s practice there were some of cases of patients incapable to movement that after his treatment were able to move again.treating arthritis pain with acupuncture and herbs

  • Also,some of  patients with intolerable throbbing pains have been relieved.IMG_0995
  • Some of patients were able to avoid certain types of surgery.


  • Dr.Wang makes teenagers’ dream to gain height come true.
  • There was a special case were a patient suffered from metaphase prostate cancer .  After Dr.Wang’s treatment near one year ,the patient’s tumor disappeared and he got his life back.



Also, there were some of difficult cases , Dr Wang gave them wonderful treatment.

Treating colitis with acupuncture

Treating allergies with acupuncture and herbs

treating liver problems with acupuncture and herbs

treating arthritis pain with acupuncture and herbs

treating with acupuncture and herbs

treating with acupuncture

treating liver problems with acupuncture and herbs

13. Many infertile couples have benefited from Dr.Wang’s expertise  so much. He is often called the “Magic Acupuncturist for Infertility” and  the “Children’s BUDDHA”.






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treating infertility with acupuncture and herbs


This patient had been married for many years, but was unable to conceive a child. After undergoing Dr. Wang’s holistic treatment, she was able to conceive two children. In the picture below, she is holding one of her children and pregnant with the other!

treating infertility with acupuncture and herbs



14. In 1996, Dr. Wang was again invited to attend the US Fourth International Conference of Chinese Medicine and received the  Medical “Distinguished Achievement Award “for Outstanding Doctor.




1.  1970年畢業於中國黑龍江中醫藥大學中醫系 (本科六年制) 。

2.  後於中國哈爾濱醫科大學從事臨床、教學與科研二十六年。此期因教学成績显著,荣获哈尔滨医科大学“优秀教师”奖。


3.  其間師承中國著名風濕病專家張鳳山教授 ,其為中國風濕病學科的開拓者和奠基人。

4.  為中國針灸學會會員,美國中華醫學會會員。

5.  參編《常见風濕病康復保健指导》與《臨床中醫內科學》。

6.  撰寫中西醫醫學論文二十餘篇。

7.  所寫論文多次於國家級,省級學術會上宣讀交流。

8.  其中“外風可鎮論” 對傳統中醫理論認識有新進展,曾連續兩次獲獎。

9.  疑難性風濕病“皮肌炎62例的辯證施治”發表於國家級權威《中醫雜誌》,並被收編入《現代中醫奇效良方寶典》。

10.  1992—1994年自擬克痺散治療類風濕性關節炎,經臨床觀察療效可靠,所寫論文於美獲國際榮譽證書。

11. 1995 年,應邀於中國黑龍江人民廣播電台專家訪談“健康熱線”節目中,專題討論“類風濕性關節炎診斷、治療及預防”。

12. 其一生視病人為親己,精心救治類風濕性關節炎等自身免疫性風濕病及各種疑難病患無數。在國內,有優秀中醫專家之稱。在美,天天日报载有中国名医治疗中心王占忠教授  “技术超群   妙手回春”采访报导。


  • 其中不乏活动障碍者得以活動,某些顽固剧痛者得以缓解。
  • 某些欲行手术者免受挨刀之苦。
  • 欲长身高儿童如愿以偿。
  • 更有一特殊中期前列腺癌病人经治近一年,肿物消失,重获余生。

13.  同時協助許多夫婦求子如願,“有神針治不孕”及“送子觀音”之美譽。

14.  1996年,應邀參加美國第四屆國際名醫藥大會,荣獲医学“傑出成就獎”。 Dr. Wang at acupuncture international symposeum 1996 acupuncture international symposeum   us-chinese-medical-association-dr-wong