Conditions Treated

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can treat a variety of health conditions:   Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases   Such as  Rheumatoid  Arthritis,Lupus,Dermatomyositis,Sclerosis,Sjo”green’s syndrome and Behcet’s Disease. Some of  pains and injuries, infertility and other women’s problems. Sometimes even most difficult health cases. See a complete list of what health conditions Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can treat below.

中西医结合是治疗自身免疫性风湿病和各种伤痛的最佳途径。 Chinese medicine in combination with Western medicine is the best way to treat Autoimmune Rheumatic diseases, pains and injuries, etc…

针灸,中药,推拿 ,拔罐 是最有效的中医传统综合治疗方 法。 Combined holistic therapy of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Tuina(Oriental massage), Cupping  is the most effective treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine.
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Dr. Wang  Zhan Zhong has treated many types of diseases and health problems such as:

  • Tiredness
  • Allergy
  • Diabetes
  • Injury pain
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Recurred Cold
  • Chronic Cough
  • Urinary Frequency
  • Urinary Infection
  • Nephritis
  • Hematuria
  • Allergy
  • Weight Loss
  • Headache
  • Neurasthenia
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Hypotension
  • Weak Heart
  • Oliguria
  • Edema
  • Urethral Stone
  • Liver Problems
  • Ulcer
  • Stomach or Intestine Problems
  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Swelling
  • Palsy
  • Thyroid Problem
  • Vision Problems
  • Hair Loss
  • Skin Itching
  • Skin Rash
  • Acne
  • Blister
  • Dermatitis
  • Shingles
  • Eczema
  • Uterus Bleeding
  • Amenorrhea
  • Abnormal Period
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Infertility
  • Menopause
  • Prospermia
  • Impotence
  • Prostate Problem
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Immune Disorder
  • Miscarriage prevention and more…

Dr. Wang can also help to recover patients who are in pain from a car accident or are suffering from damaging effects of improper nutrition.

Even tumor (cancer) in special cases can be taken care with of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

 Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the natural way to improve your holistic health.  Call for a Free Consultation at 858-831-0338.

Typical Clinical Cases – Wang Acupuncture Chinese Medicine 

1.      Rheumatoid Arthritis – Significant Health Improvement

Surname Huang, mid-age female, has suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for  2 years. Many of her joints were in pain, had puffiness, and morning ankylosis. Her hands lacked strength to hold objects, she could not lift her shoulders and her legs were weak.  She had received Western Medicine ‘s treatment before visiting Wang Acupuncture Chinese Medicine, but it did not have insignificant effect. Also, Western medication poisoning side-effects were hard to tolerate. However, since she came to our clinic for Chinese acupuncture, taking Chinese medicine (herbs), and receiving Chinese massage, her joint pains started disappearing and other symptoms were reduced.  Her movement started improving after four to eight weeks.   Besides, there were no poisoning side-effects from traditional Chinese treatment. After three month of treatment in our clinic, the joint pains fully disappeared and abnormal movements were back to normal.

2.      Chronic Shoulder Periarthritis ,Strain of Lumbar Muscle-Pains moderated

Japanese mid-aged male, surname Yan, the president of SONY Company, had suffered consistent pain of shoulders and lower back for years. His shoulders were hard to lift high; his lower back pain would not allow sitting for long periods of time. Mr. Yan went to see a lot of Japanese and American  doctors.  The pains would disappear  for a few weeks, but then it would come back again.Some of Doctor recommend to do surgery.He came to see DrWang  and  was diagnosed with a liver depression and kidney deficiency due to mental exhaustion. Therefore, according to Chinese medical traditional theory, we treated him with specific acupuncture points and relevant Chinese massage. The pain was significantly reduced at the first visit. Because the root of the pains was still in the body and was uncured during many years, it could not be fixed instantly. His pain came back but in a shorter frequencies and durations. After continuous traditional Chinese therapy for two years, the stubborn pain finally was fully cured. Mr.Yan is able to sit and stand normally.

3.      Acute Neck Pain – Avoid  surgery

Female lawyer Surname Ma was in her 40s when she hurt  herself with a movement, sudden severe neck pain led to her to inability to move. Her husband carried her to the clinic in his arms. Western doctor said she needed an immediate surgery. However, the patient insisted to try traditional Chinese therapy first. After one week, one treatment a day, every day, her neck pain started to decrease, and she was able to drive to the clinic herself. After continuing treatments for months, three times a week, pain disappeared, and her neck is able to move normally.

4.      Shoulder Sprain – Regained Move After One Treatment

Surname Li, female, age close to 50, had chronic pain for two years. One day, she accidentally contused her right shoulder. For two months, she could not lift her arm normally, she could not dress herself, and was unable to sleep through the night due to the severe pain. She had taken Western medicine, but in her case it did not help. She came to our clinic for acupuncture and massage only one time, the pain was reduced and she was able to lift her arm again.

5.      Migraine – Persistent Pain Disappeared

American 40 years old male, Steve, had suffered migraine for many years. The pain was “knife cutting” and hard to tolerate  The pain happened during day and night. Sometime the migraine was still there after he took pain-killers medication. He had visited several various doctors, nevertheless the symptoms had not been reduced. However, after treatment with Chinese acupuncture, massage, and taking Chinese herbs treatment for three weeks the pain was significantly reduced. After another two month of treatment, the frequencies of symptom decreased and the pain became less severe. Three month later he was back to healthy life style.  Seldom now he has slight pain which can be immediately cured with Chinese herbal medicine.

6.      Skin Allergy – Itchiness and Irritation Stopped

Heidi, female, 20-s, had been working in our clinic. She suffered from skin allergy. Without any reason, suddenly her skin would burst out purple and red papules on her face, limbs and parts of body. The itchiness was hard to tolerate, it was bleeding after scratching. She also would get slight fever and felt very uncomfortable. However, after first time acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment she got stomachache and vomited several times. The next day more than half of papules went away, fever and itchiness symptom decreased. After one week treatment, all papules disappeared.  After that treatment she never had the symptoms again.

7.      Virus Hepatitis C – Large Amount of Virus Decreased

American mid-aged male, Tony, suffered from virus hepatitis C for years. He had taken a lot of liver supplement but it did not work. Patient felt very fatigue, lost appetite, felt dizzy, vomited, and had a pain in a liver area. However, after traditional acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal medication for one year his body was in a brand new condition.  Number of virus had significantly decreased (from 520 million to 40 million).

8.      Chronic Ulcerative Colitis – Recovered Completely

Indian mid-aged male, Samir Kar, suffered from chronic ulcerative colitis for years. He had seen many doctors and taken lots of medication for years, the symptom never had any improvement. His sickness rapidly became severe, he suffered from pain in abdomen and diarrhea day and night. Recent year, because of his chronic sickness and abnormal nutrition, his whole body weakened, he could only lie in bed and not willing to move. He could not work as much as before. After acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment for four month symptoms had disappeared. He had his body energy back and he could work his usual hours.

9.      Height Gain – Rapid Results

Two, surname Yeh boys, thirteen and fifteen years old; their mom noticed their slow growth in comparison to other boys same age. The boys were the lowest in their classes, she was eager to see them gain height. They accepted acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbal combined treatment and observation. After three month they gained three centimeters. Continuing with prescribed treatment for one year, two boys gained heights for over one foot. One of children gaining height faster, he became even taller than Dr. Wang in our clinic (height 5 feet 6 inch).

10.  Prostate Cancer – Tumor Disappeared

American mid-aged male Jim went through blood PSA, MRI and pathological tissue section tests. He was diagnosed as metaphase prostate cancer. Western doctor suggested to have chemical therapy, radiation and surgery to control growth of tumor. However, patient decide to try Chinese natural and traditional therapy. After treatment with acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbs for three months his PSA value decreased. More amazingly, tumor was smaller in size than before. Both patient and the doctor were delighted and gained a lot of confidence. After continued treatment for another half a year, there was a miracle! Not only patient’s body energy dramatically increased, more incredibly the tumor disappeared! Now the patient continues lives in Hawaii, his body is in a great condition.


1.     類風濕性關節炎———–理想改善
黃姓中年女, 患類風濕性關節炎两年. 多關節疼痛,腫脹, 晨僵. 雙手握物無力, 雙肩抬舉失常,双腿亦无力。接受西醫治療效果不甚顯著,且其毒副作用難以忍受. 自來本診所同時接受中醫針灸, 中藥,推拿傳統治療四至八周後,關節疼痛開始較快減輕, 活動障礙開始較快好轉, 且無任何毒副作用再次出現. 繼續治療三個月後, 關節症狀與活動障礙均理想改善.
2.     慢性肩周炎, 腰肌勞損————慢痛得緩
日本中年男園氏, SONY董事長. 苦於反覆發作肩腰痛數年. 肩常難以較高抬舉,腰常不能較久坐立. 每次痛發須經日美諸多醫生治療數周方可暫緩. 也有医生曾建议手术。 其來診所經查為思慮勞累導致肝郁腎虛, 遂按中醫傳統理論辨證施治. 選用特定穴位針灸, 施以相應手法推拿. 初治一次疼痛改善, 因其病因未除, 又慢痛難求速效, 故其後痛仍發作, 但頻度銳減. 繼續間斷治療兩年, 頑痛完全緩解, 坐立如常人.
3.     急性頸痛———–免受 挨刀之苦
馬姓女律師, 40. 因活動不愼突然頸痛劇烈不能活動, 其夫扶入診室. 西醫認為必須馬上手術, 但病人堅持接受中醫治療. 經治一周(每日一次), 傷痛始緩, 且能自己走入診所. 繼續治療月餘(每周治疗次数递减), 疼痛消失, 頸部活動如常.
4.     肩挫傷———–僅治一次即可活動
黎姓女, 年近50, 患慢性肩周炎兩年. 一次又突然挫傷右肩, 兩個月來, 一直不能正常抬舉, 不能正常穿衣, 夜痛難臥. 曾服西藥未見好轉, 僅經針灸推拿一次治療, 疼痛即緩, 已能抬舉.
5.     偏頭痛———–頑痛消失
40歲美男Steve患偏頭痛多年. 其痛如刀割難忍, 晝夜交作, 服用強力止痛藥亦時有難緩, 病人苦不堪言,到處求醫救治, 終未減輕. 經中醫針灸推拿中藥治療三周後, 痛勢始緩, 遂繼治兩個月, 發作次數減少, 疼痛明顯改善. 三個月後, 基本如常人, 僅偶有微痛, 服中藥即緩.

 6.     皮膚過敏症———–奇癢立止

曾在本診所工作女Heidi, 20, 患皮膚過敏症. 無誘因突然面部四肢及軀幹爆發紫紅斑丘疹, 奇癢難忍, 搔抓出血, 伴全身微熱不適, 遂針灸中藥治療. 病人首次服藥後, 胃部不適, 嘔吐數次, 但次日皮疹竟消退過半, 熱癢大減, 繼治一周, 皮疹盡退, 諸症消失.
7.     C型病毒型肝炎———–病毒大減
美中年男Tony, C型病毒型肝炎多年, 服多種保肝藥物, 終未減輕. 病人全身疲勞, 食欲不振, 頭暈噁心, 肝區疼痛. 自接受傳統針灸中藥間斷治療一年後, 不但全身症狀盎然改觀,而且病毒數量顯著下降(病毒520萬降至40).
8.     慢性潰瘍性結腸炎———–理想痊癒
印度中年男Samir Kar患慢性潰瘍性結腸炎多年, 曾求治多家醫院, 服用多種藥物, 數年來終未獲得理想改善. 其病情反覆加重, 腹痛腹瀉, 日夜交作. 近一年因慢性消耗, 吸收障礙,全身衰弱, 臥不願動, 幾乎不能完成正常工作. 遂經用針灸中藥, 系統治療四個月, 症狀消失, 體力恢復, 工作生活正常.
9.     長高———–長高如願
兩葉姓13歲與15歲男童, 母見其子長高較慢, 于學校班級列隊站於最後, 極望其愛子速長 ,遂接收針灸推拿與中藥綜合治療觀察. 出奇的是, 三個月後竟長高約三釐米. 在繼續接收有規律的間斷治療共约一年後, 兩兒童均長高過呎, 其中穿紅上衣兒童, 以驚人的長高, 超過本診所王醫生(身高56).
10. 前列腺癌———–癌腫不見, 重獲餘生  

美中年男Jim經西醫血液PSA,MRI及病變組織切片檢察, 確診為前列腺癌中期. 西醫建議馬上化療,放療及手術控制癌腫惡化. 但病人仍寄望於中醫自然傳統療法. 經試用針灸,推拿及中藥綜合治療三個月後, 檢查竟發現PSA下降, 更出人意料的是, 腫物較前有小. 此時醫生病人欣喜且信心大增. 繼續間斷調治约半年後, 奇蹟出現: 病人不但全身衰弱明顯改善, 而且驚人的發現癌腫竟然消失不見, 此病人至今繼續生活於夏威夷, 全身狀況良好.