acupuncture from ulcerative colitis

Shayla M.

San Diego, CA
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5.0 star rating 9/13/2014
I was pregnant and one day past my due date. I went to dr wang to see if acupuncture could help the baby come out. Three days after getting acupuncture my water broke and I had a very healthy baby. The doctors said after I had her that my due date was miscalculated and she actually came a week early!!! Thank you Dr. Wang!!! I will definitely recommend him to everyone!

5.0 star rating 10/8/2014

Past two months is my hardest time period ever. Serious constipation and sleeplessness together bother me day and night. I have tried several medications, however, none of that works. Use of enema acts as the only temporary solution.

From a video presentation at wangacupuncturechineseme…, I knew Dr. Wang had a strong academic background and more that 40 years of practice in the field of Chinese medicine and, through the video, I saw people with different kind of healthy problems went to his clinic and received his meticulous treatments.

Based on the trust I gave, I visited him. His sympathy of my healthy situation was realy moved me at the beginning. After his careful diagnosis, Dr. Wang treated me with integrated acupuncture, massage and herbs. Surprised enough, after his treatment, I got my first stool movement on the same day, and my first better sleep also during two months!

When I called Dr. Wang and told him the good news, he was happy but he didn’t stop on that point. He told me he would continuously help me recuperate my health by improving the functionalities in my whole body, not just constipation.

Many thanks to Dr. Wang! I will definitely recommend him to everyone who, like me, wants her/his health back sooner!

*Alice W.
Carlsbad, CA
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5.0 star rating 2/17/2014
I was diagnosed with shingles. My physician prescribed antiviral drugs that would cost $350 or I could wait for 3 weeks for the virus to run its own course. I had seen Dr. Wang before for muscle injuries. I thought he may be able to help. I got an appointment the same day. Dr. Wang told me that he used to treat many cases of shingles in China. He prescribed 6 days of Chinese herb medicine which only cost about $80 total. After 6 days, my blisters started to harden and the pain stopped. I was happy that he reduced the time required to heal from shingles.

*H H.
Chula Vista, CA
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5.0 star rating 2/8/2014
I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 2 years. Dr. Wang is a specialist for RA. He had given me excellent treatment by using acupuncture, massage therapy & Chinese herbs. After seeing him for 4-8 weeks, my pain was greatly reduced & my movements were a lot more flexible. I am still seeing Dr. Wang once a week now for acupuncture & massage in order to improve my immune system. Many thanks to Dr. Wang for his professional & attentive care.
* replydy G.
San Diego, CA
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5.0 star rating 1/2/2014
I originally saw Dr. Wang about 10 years ago because I was having recurrent upper respiratory infections and antibiotics weren’t helping. He prescribed Chinese herbs, which is a mixture of various plant materials. You boil it up, strain it, and then drink the infusion for several days. It tastes nasty – BUT IT WORKS. Over the years he has helped me with digestive issues, high blood pressure, headaches, bronchitis and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten. When my husband went to an orthopedist for his sciatica, all he got were prescriptions for painkillers. Dr. Wang was able to relieve his pain with acupuncture – not painkillers.
Not only is Dr. Wang a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist, he is a caring and compassionate man. I ALWAYS leave his office feeling better!
*Jill L.
San Diego, CA
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5.0 star rating 4/22/2014
I was having Shortness of breath problem about two months. My friend recommend me to see him. He is a great doctor. I had acupuncture, message therapies and take home Chiense herb medicine on the first visit. I felt so much better after 1 visit. Because Chinese herb takes longer to treat my illness, so I regularly see the doctor to get a prescription.

*Faith G.
San Diego, CA
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5.0 star rating 3/12/2014
Dr. Wang is the best doctor I have ever met. He is very patient, kind, knowledgeable, and experienced. The herbal medicine he prescribed to me cured my pain/suffering that lasted for about 6 months. It is wonderful that I can have the energy to do the house work again. Dr. Wang is also very straightforward, sincere, and humorous. I will highly recommend him to my friends if they have any health problem..

*YZ L.
La Jolla, CA
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5.0 star rating 3/17/2014
Because of my daughter’s terrible neck pain, I looked for doctors who have experiences on acupuncture and massage therapy. I searched from internet and found Dr. Wang who has over 40 years experiences on Acupunture, Tuina (Asian massage), cupping, , Chinese Herbs. He has expertise in Rheumatoid Arthritis, pains and injuries and etc… After only one acupuncture and massage therapy, my daughter felt the significant improvement on her neck immediately.

Dr. Wang is a great doctor! He is honest, patient and a very caring professional with strong knowledge in his field. I feel that he is a very trust worthy doctor. He is friendly and easy to talk to. He asks questions right to the point. He explains what possibly causes the problems, what type of processes need to be done and what outcomes might be after the treatments. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to everyone.

*Cathy W.
Poway, CA
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5.0 star rating 12/2/2013
I had insomnia on and off for years.
Recently I got a bad one and last about two weeks. I visited Dr. Wang for the first treatment. He gave me Chinese herb for six days and also massaging and acupuncture, after that I got better. I did the same treatment for the following week and Dr. Wang made some changes with the herbs for another six days.
After this two weeks treatment I felt lot better.
I would like to recommend Dr. Wang to you if you have similar problems.
*Ed B.
San Diego, CA
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5.0 star rating 12/9/2013
Dr Wang is an amazing herbalist his diagnosis and herbal approach to my health is amazing. I feel in better control of my health now. I highly recommend his services.

  • “I had acupuncture by Dr. Wang for carpel tunnel for 1 month 3 times a week and pain went away NO SURGERY.  Now I go once every couple of months to maintain.
    He really saved me. He is great!!! Also my boyfriend sees him for hip pain and he is better. I feel if you have any pain please try Dr. Wang he can help you so much.”   Joann F. , S.D.
    *Emily I.
    San Diego, CA
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    5.0 star rating 5/8/2014
    My husband and I started going to visit Dr. Wang since 2010. Dr. Wang showed his caring and profession on every time of visit. His skill on acupuncture is excellent and it cured my husband’s back pain after months of treatments. I went to see him for fertility before I got pregnant. The medicine and acupuncture nurtured and adjusted my body. Dr. Wand is a well-rounded doctor. We’re appreciated for what he has done for us.
  • “My mom had stomach problem for while; she couldn’t digest well. But after the treatment, she could eat much better! I also see Dr. Wang for my rash (eczema). After few acupuncture and herb tea, it’s so much better.
    I definitely recommend Dr. Wang to everyone because he knows what his doing.”   Katie L. , San Diego, CA
  • “I had hyperthyroid condition. After taking the medication (methimazole), my condition got better but I still felt very weak and have no energy.  I went to see Dr. Wang,  I had some herbal tea and  started acupuncture.  I recovered quickly.  After that I kept seeing Dr. Wang for acupuncture about 3 years.  Now I feel good and have energy to work and doing house work.”   Jenny S. ,San Diego , CA
  • “I have suffered a severe waist/back pain for 3 months. I have tried several pain killer and some physical therapy, however, none of that works.
    I only received two acupuncture + message therapies from Dr. Wang, and my back pain has totally cured. I am capable to work out again right now!
    If you have any sports muscle damage, I recommend you give him a call and make an appointment to give a try. He will provide effective and efficient therapy for you.”   Haohsuan K. ,San Diego,  CA
  • “My 15-month-old daughter has been coughing for a while. We initially took her to see pediatrician, who did not give any treatment but suggesting drinking water and getting rests due to the fact that the cough was caused by virus, which is not treatable. After a few weeks, my girl was still coughing. Her dad and I were so frustrated and worried, then we took her to see Dr. Wang for advice. Dr. Wang carefully examined her and gave us some Chinese medicine. It helped a lot!!! My daughter is getting much better now and has stopped coughing during the day time. I would recommend Dr. Wang to everyone.”   Yuan D., Philadelphia, PA
  • “I have been going to Dr. Wang’s clinic for treatment of various symptoms for 8 years now.  Over this period, Dr. Wang has treated me for illness such as tendonitis (my elbow), low back pain, knee pain, etc.  In addition to pain management, Dr. Wang also emphasizes the importance of maintaining and boosting ones immune system. Hence, he sometimes inserted couple of needles in specific locations for that purpose.  This was done without additional charges.  I am perfectly happy with the treatment I’ve received.
    In addition to his excellent treatment, I feel his charge is quite reasonable. Besides, I can submit my medical claims to my insurance company to get reimbursement.
    I would return to his clinic anytime when treatment is needed, especially sports related injuries and regular maintenance.  I highly recommend Dr. Wang for sports injury and pain management!  His clinic opens long hours and is conveniently located; you can visit him and then do some grocery shopping at the same plaza! Give him a try and you will be pleased with his service.” Pei-Tei C., Carlsbad, CA
  • “I have been going to Dr Wang for over 4 years now. I go on a monthly basis now for my “tune up.” He has helped me over the years on many issues, energy, allergies, sleeping, colds, ..my husband also goes..he is truly a remarkable man… I recommend him to everyone, half my apt complex at Coronado Bay Club goes to him… I’m so glad to have him close by and great schedule..always there to see you.” Kim W., Coronado
  • “Dr. Wang was highly recommended by a family friend for his expertise in acupuncture. I don’t understand the reason why acupuncture works, but it does not really matter, especially when I was treated by a master like Dr. Wang for my wrist pain. The acupuncture worked like a magic. After several treatments, the pain went away. Now I just go back once a while for maintenance. Dr. Wang also successfully treated my son for his chest muscle pain.”   C-W C., Carlsbad, CA
  • “Doctor Wang is a very nice doctor. My brother-in-law back is hurt, Doctor Wang treat him only one week and he almost recovery . He is GREAT!!!”   Mei Z., San Diego, CA
  • “I came to Dr.Wang with a severe headache and a really high blood pressure which I get once a month right after my period.  Dr. Wang put a few needles in my head, hands, and legs for about 20 minutes.  Then he showed me a massage from hypertension which I can even do myself if I cannot see him next time.  I left feeling much better.  Within an hour my headache was gone and my blood pressure went back to normal.  Usually it would take 6 to 10 Ibuprofen pills to get rid of this pain!  I am very happy to find a natural way of dealing with these pains without any side effects. I will see Dr. Wang again to deal with my other feminine problems!  Thank you Dr.Wang!”     Katia K.,S.D., CA
  • “I am taking a few moments to thank you for helping me with my different problems: muscle pain, chest pain and headaches.  Since I started following your advice and taking the medication you prescribed, the quality of my life has improved dramatically.  The road to recovery can be long but I’m glad that you are there to help me along the way.”    Jean Sebastien Cote
  • “I was once stressed out and tired from work once and heart beeped crazily fast.  And I could not sleep for almost 2 days.  Once I realized it, I knew I need to relax.  After I relaxed, I felt some heart pain.  I went to see a doctor in Scripps and he did a EKG on me and just told me I am fine and send me back home to rest.  However, my heart was still feeling pain for one week and my friend refers me to Dr. Wang.
    Dr. Wang checked carefully on me and he did acupuncture on me.  He also gave me some herbs tea to drink, and I drank twice/day.  Each time I did acupuncture and drank the herb tea, I felt better.  After 3 months, I almost felt back as normal.  Thanks Dr. Wang! ”   Chun L., S.D.,CA
  • “My daughter caught a flu virus, she was coughing none stop for a week.  I brought her to see her family doctor, and the doctor told me that she have to get over by herself.  There are no medication to stop her cough.  Seeing my daughter so suffer, I brought her to see Dr. Wang.  He prescribed some herbal medicine, she can sleep thru the night only drinking twice the herbal.   Thank you Dr. Wang for your healing hand.  I highly recommend Dr. Wang to everyone.”   Winnie , S.D., CA
  • “Recently, my right ankle and foot felt painful and sometimes numb. It became difficult to walk at times. I went to see Dr. Wang based on a friend’s recommendation. He prescribed acupuncture and massage twice a week plus traditional Chinese medicine. After only a week and half of treatment and medication, my ankle and foot felt much better. Thank you, Dr. Wang!”    Andy W., S.D.,CA
  • “AMY-I have been treating my canker sore for three years and no solution are effective until i try  Dr. Wangs herbal tea. It fixed my canker sore for good now.”   Kevin L ., S.D.,CA
  • “I had back pain. I received few acupuncture + message therapies from Dr. Wang. I feel so much better now. He is very good doctor and I would recommend him to anyone.”   Kate T., S.D.,CA
  • “Definitely I would recommend Dr Wang. He treated my shoulder pain with acupuncture and it’s cured, I feel much better now”. Sie C S.D.
  • “Dr Wang is super nice and knowledgeable — he is effectively helping to treat my long-term thyroid problems. I see more and more results in the past two months. Feeling more energy and well-being.”   Tatiana S., La Jolla,CA
  • “Dr. Wang treated my menopause issues in just a few months. I feel much better now. Thank you Dr. Wang for the wonderful treatment!” Jenny L., S.D.,CA
  • “Excellent service, very friendly. He helped my mom so many times, highly recommend him!!!!!!”   ZiZ , S.D.,CA
  • “Dr. Wang is a very experienced acupuncturist. I strongly recommend him for any problem.”   Susan, S.D.,CA
  • “Thank you Dr. Wang treated my sleep problem,
    He is very patient and knowledgeable.”   Grace, S.D.,CA
  • “My wife has suffered depression problem for year, my friend referred us to visit Dr. Wang and seeking the best cure.
    It was a surprising progress that Dr. Wang did for my wife, she felt much better after received Dr. Wang’s acupuncture and herb medicine treatments. We possess strong reliance that Dr. Wang is a top-notch doctor that really can help patients relieve from their problems. Moreover, Dr. Wang charges patients with a very moderate fee that everyone can afford.”   Jeffery W.,  Carlsbad,CA
  • “I was having a shoulder blade pain.   Dr. Wang have  treated my shoulder pain with acupuncture and therapy  messages which help solve my symptoms and I  would recommend him to everyone because he’s the best.”   Sue S.,  S.D.,CA
  • “I went to Dr. Wang to help me with recurring sinus infections that have been a significant drag on my health for years.  The acupuncture treatments over time along with some herbal remedies eventually resolved my sinus issues.Dr. Wang clearly understood the big picture of what was needed to resolve my sinus issues.  He has helped me significantly improve my health.  I found him to be very friendly, caring and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him.”  Bob T.,  S.D.,CA
  • “I first saw Dr. Wang about 10 years ago when I had some sleeping problems due to stress from work. After taking some herbs from him, my sleeping quality improved a lot. Since then, I go to him once a while to get some herbs just to keep my body in a good condition. To me, he is a very good Chinese medicine doctor.”   Max L ., S.D.,CA
  • “Dear Dr. Wang,
    I was having lack of sleep due to stress and PTSD.  Additionally I had muscle pain for almost a year.
    I saw many different doctors but you are the only one that help solve this problem.  After two treatments from you based on eastern medication and acupuncture, I feel much better.  My leg feels good and I am sleeping much better (less stress).  You were also very kind and understanding.  As a student, I need to be well rested to do well in school.  Thank you for treating me.”  Hal T Peabody  MA
  • “Dr. Wang treated my shoulder pain with acupuncture and herbal tea recipes and he is great!”    Joseph,Newport Beach,CA
  • “Dr Wang was recommended to my by a friend who has been seeing him for many years. I’ve seen him for various sports injuries, and have since been successfully treated for my each of my ailments. I continue to see Dr Wang on a weekly or monthly basis for specific issues and for general health sustainment.
    Dr. Wang is a no frills, highly educated, and friendly health care provider. After one appointment with Dr. Wang, you’ll understand his sincerity, professionalism, and genuine nature.  I highly recommend seeing Dr. Wang for any issues you’re having, as he’s has an in depth knowledge of both Western and Chinese medicine.”  Pete P.,  Key West, FL
  • “I always trust Chinese medicine is the best way to treat irregular period Dr. Wang’s amazing treatment not only can treat the symptoms but also the root cause, turning the whole body to a better condition.”  Becky S.,  S.D.,CA
  • “Been going to Dr. Wang for years, and always have good result after the session! My lower back’s always been my problem for many many years. Every time I walked out of Dr. Wang’s office, I felt relieved. Strongly recommend Dr. Wang!!!”   Rain L., S.D.,CA
  • “I have been going to Dr. Wang for over 2 years now. He treated my lower back pain due to herniated disc. He is the reason why I can still work as a nurse. I go to him on regular basis for maintenance for my circulation and relief of aches and pains especially after work. I recommend him to anyone, he is an amazing healer.
    He  always amazes me every time I go to him. Yesterday, I could hardly move my right arm, called him instead of going to the emergency room.  Acupuncture + massage+herbal tea that he prescribed, I was able to move my arm after the treatment, now  I am ready to go to work.
    I live in Menifee and I don’t mind going to him to Clairemont Mesa, travel 70 miles for a cure. That’s how good he is. I have been lucky to know him. I thank my friend almost every time I see her for recommending him.”   May  L.,  Menifee,CA
  • “I am a college student. Every time before the final exams I got stressed out and couldn’t sleep for days. I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Wang. Dr. Wang is an expert for treating insomnia! By using acupuncture and Chinese medicine, my sleep is improved in many ways after a few treatments. I can easily go to sleep without sleeping pills.Dr. Wang is very professional and friendly. I strongly recommend him to everyone who is suffering with insomnia.”   Lin G., S.D.,CA
  • “I was dr. Wang’s patient for more than five years, I had shoulder and neck pain all the time , after dr.Wang’s  acupuncture and message therapies my pain almost completely eradicated. I want to thank him, he made my life different.”   C.I.P.,  S.D.,CA
  • “I had acupuncture by Dr. Wang for Sciatic nerve pain for 3 times two week before one month. Now the pain had gone. I can’t imagined the pain was gone so fast, I thought the pain would take a few months before I met Dr. Wang.  Dr. Wang was great!!!”    Yanxia L. Chula Vista,CA
  • “I went to Dr. Wang for my face paralysis. He used Acupuncture & herb medicine for my treatment. I got totally recovered now. So highly recommend !  Hope he can help more people!”    Alice , S.D.,CA
  • “I had arthritis for many years. When winter is coming and raining, My arthralgia was very serious, painful hard to walk and really bothered my life. Since doctor Wang treated me ( acupuncture and massage) I felt much better. Right now no more pain and I move about freely. His medical skills are magical.”   Peggy L., S.D.,CA
  • “Dr. Wang is genuinely nice and passionate about what he does. He really knows the science of traditional Chinese medicine. I have developed acne since a teenage girl and never had confidence in my looks since then. After I took the herbal broth for only two courses, my skin gets much smoother! I also received from Dr. Wang acupuncture, which not only improves my skin tone and even cures my sleep problems! I would highly recommend Dr. Wang’s work to anyone!! ”   Lic,  S.D.,CA
  • “I had cold a few times this year. I had a headache, a sore throat, a ear ache, a running nose, and my chest didn’t feel good. I had a little cough. Dr. Wang gave me a prescription for some herbs. I took the herbs two times. I got well. Another few times when I got sick I took the herbs only one time and I got well.”   Dan W.,S.D.,CA
  • “I never imagined I would find such an expert in traditional Chinese medicine in the US. I have had lower back pain and sought treatment in China for years. I thought I might have to bear the pain for the rest of my life until I met Dr. Wang. The herbal medicine together with acupuncture greatly eases my pain. After three weeks, I feel much stronger and can even do strenuous sports like I used to! Amazing! If anyone asks me for doctor/treatment recommendation, I would say Dr. Wang and his practice.”    Yafei D.,  S.D.,CA  12/16/2013
  • “Dr. Wang is a fantastic Chinese Medicine Doctor, Herbal Specialist and Acupuncturist. He is very professional and experiencedI had some serious digestive issues and fatigue for more than two year that western doctors could not assist me back to healthy wellness. Their cure was to give me medication and put me on a strict diet, which did not help at all. Dr. Wang assisted me to restore my energy level, and the negative emotions within were dissolved with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I truly enjoyed her attentiveness, wisdom, and remedies that balanced my being into outstanding health today. Thank you very much, Dr. Wang! ”
    Jia  L.,San Marcos,CA 12/13/2013
  • “I would like to recommend Dr. Wang since he is good manner and caring doctor. I was treated for insomnia and some female problem many years ago by Dr. Wang. I received herbal and acupuncture treatment more than 3months. I was pleased with my result. In addition, he was also an good educator and like to explain how the herbal drugs work to treat disease.”Lindo J.,S.D. CA 12/17/2013
  • “I had a bad headache on the right side of my head every day for a year. It was always there, every single day. No over the counter pain medications helped at all. Not even the old Excedrin! I went to my doctor and he prescribed Hydrocodone and that would help a little but then it would get worse. My doctor referred me to a pain specialist who took me off the Hydrocodone and put me back on over the counter pain medications. Then I was sent in to for a CAT scan and then an MRI. Both came back clean. As a last resort, he prescribed anti-depressants that had a side effect of curing people of chronic headaches. I decided to try Acupuncture and was lucky to find Dr  Wang’s office by my work. He diagnosed and then treated me. When he was done, I could not believe it. For the first time in over a year, I didn’t have a headache! He said I may need to come back one more time and a week later it started to come back. I went in again and he cured me. He prescribed me some Tea capsules and said, If I take them every day I would not need any more treatments. He was right and I have not had this headache come back for years now!!! Thank you Dr Wang! You are truly a miracle worker!”    Sean M., Poway, CA 12/15/2013
  • “Dr. Wang is awesome!  He is Knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and healing!” Pinboz. San Maros,CA
  • “My mom had a very severe low back pain which went down through my hip and leg. It was terrible! After couple of Dr.Wang’s acupuncture my mom’s pain went away. Just amazing!!! ”   Pinbo Z.,San Marcos ,C
  • “Dr. Wang has a focus to his treatments and deep massage that makes you know he is aware of your problem. Very strong support for the immune system. He’s a real nice guy, also!”   Ted D.,Encinitas CA
  • “I have a tendency of spraining my ankles when jogging. In addition to acupuncture for acute pain, Dr. Wang has also prescribed herbal medicine once in a while to clear out internal bruises that have built up chronically. The two-pronged treatment is very effective! ”  Steve K.,S.D.,CA
  • “Terrific result for back pain relieve. Highly recommended for anyone. ”   Paul W.,La Jolla,CA
  • “Dr.Wang’s acupuncture has cured my whole body, and shrunk my tumor so that is can no longer be seen.  My oncologist is amazed.”    Jim Worrin , S.D.,- photos below
  • “Thank you for the wonderful treatment!  My vision and height has changed dramatically!”    Robert Chang  S.D.,CA
  • “Thank you Dr.Wang for helping our family to become healthier and happier!  Our daughter was able to stop taking her medication after surgical treatment…” S.D.,CA
  • “Dear Dr. Wang, Thank you very much for treating my skin problem!  I have had acne for many years as an adult.  I have tried all Western medicines including Accutane.  It never helped me.  Taking your Chinese herbs has made a big difference in helping me toward healthy skin.  Learning about Eastern medicine also taught me that I must be much more patient in waiting for good health.  Thank you for restoring my hope!”   Bettina  S.D.,CA
  • “To the magnificent and hard working Dr.Wang, You did it!! Your hard work and your wonderful talent has paid off, my wife is now 15 weeks pregnant and you and your wonderful acupuncture and massage techniques (that my wife loves by the way) are to thank.  I just wanted to show you my gratitude towards your hard work and the caringness you have shown my wife and I.  You have done so much for both of us and gave her and I a miracle.  Again I would like to say thank you so so so much!”    Donald  S.D.,CA.

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